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Golden State Warrior Cupcakes 

These cupcakes were made to celebrate the birthday of a big fan of the warriors. They are vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with butter cream and chocolate frosting.  I made the toppers using Avery labels and tooth picks.


Red White & Blue Cupcakes

My plan was to have the colors in layers but the batter ran together during baking. I used my basic vanilla cupcake recipe and separated the batter into three separate bowls. I used food color to color one batch red and to color one of the batches blue. 

I forgot to take a picture of the cupcakes which I topped with cool whip, strawberries and blueberries before my husband and I ate them . 😊 Here is a picture of one I topped with white chocolate ganache and sprinkles.

Princess Birthday Cupcake Cake

This princess cupcake cake is made with strawberry and vanilla cupcakes and strawberry frosting. I modified the belt a bit from the previous cake I made like this.

Pull apart cake

Pink Princess Birthday Cupcake Cake

Holiday Cupcake Gift boxes

I prepared these cupcakes for the team I work with. I baked over 80 cupcakes for this project. The flavors include red velvet, vanilla, chocolate and peach cobbler.


I a variety of 4 per box. I packed all 20 and forgot to take a picture of the completed boxes. This is a picture of one of the boxes I used.