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Christmas Cupcakes-2016

Each year I try to modify the designs for my cupcakes.  Sometimes I find that using  only sprinkles and candy toppers can make cupcake decorating very festive.


Red Velvet


Key Lime


Sweet Potato




Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes



The smell is as good as the taste. I looked for a recipe for sweet potato cupcakes for weeks but could not find one I liked. The recipes either lacked spices or butter. So I created my own recipe from 3 different recipes. These have a graham cracker crumb bottom. I could not decide on the frosting. I was trying to decide between marshmallow,vanilla, cinnamon, or maple frosting.

I decided to frost half with butter cream frosting and topped them with a caramel corn candy and sprinkled with cinnamon.


I frosted the other half of the cupcakes with maple butter cream frosting and topped them with praline pecan pieces then sprinkled with cinnamon.