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Strawberry Cupcake Basket

These are pictures of how I made a cupcake basket. The strawberry cupcakes smelled wonderful.


Princess Cupcakes

I just returned home yesterday and had little time to rest before making my next order which was due for delivery this morning at 10am. I decided to use two colors for the frosting so I called and had the delivery time moved to 11am. These are for a precious little girls birthday party.




Hello Kitty Cupcakes

20121110-214553.jpg  20121110-214606.jpg 20121110-214623.jpg  20121110-214629.jpg

These hello Kitty cupcakes are made with 1/2 white and 1/2 pink cupcakes. I frosted the pink cupcakes with white butter cream frosting and the white cupcakes with pink vanilla cream frosting. The Hello Kitty decorations are being placed on the cupcakes by the customer.