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Christmas Cupcakes-2016

Each year I try to modify the designs for my cupcakes.  Sometimes I find that using  only sprinkles and candy toppers can make cupcake decorating very festive.


Red Velvet


Key Lime


Sweet Potato



Cake Pop Birthday Bouquet

Wow! Is all I can say about this cake pop bouquet. I spent over 6 hours on this but was very pleased with the results. This was my 1st time creating this design. There are 3 levels of styrofoam and I used 4 and 6 inch sticks for the cake pops. The key lime were easy but the red velvet gave me a time. The cake kept falling off the stick when I dipped the balls in the candy. I finally decided to freeze the cake balls before dipping them. One other thing, please use only food color for candy if you need to change the color of candy coating. There can not be any water added to the candy or it will harden on you.