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My fancy Flower design Frosting 

This is my interpretation of a fancy flower design. I used the orange and white frosting and was trying to get the white on the ends. I think they look ok but I need to work on the technique a bit more. Please like and or leave comments.

Flower carrot cupcakes

Carrot cupcakes

Carrot Cupcakes 

These cupcakes are loaded with carrots. I have been experimenting with different piping tools and mixing colors for frosting cupcakes. I want the cupcakes to look noticeably different although a lot of the cupcakes have cream cheese frosting. I think I will also use a different piping tip for them next time I make them. Previously, I used larger gummy carrot pieces as toppers and I see that these mini candy carrots I used on these cupcakes are much smaller than I expected. 

Diva Cupcakes

These Diva themed cupcakes were made for a birthday gathering during the Thanksgiving holiday.I found the stelletos at a craft store and the pix were purchased from Walmart. I made the colored sugar by putting a drop of food color in a small amount of sugar and mixing it well.




Pink Baby Shower Cupcake Bouquet

Isn’t it beautiful! I made this for a friends baby shower. I hope everyone enjoys it. I made the mini white flowers from melted vanilla wafers using a flexible mold. I also made the chocolate ornaments with melted dark chocolate. I picked up the pink kisses from Michaels Craft store. Most of the cupcakes are red velvet and a few are vanilla. I frosted all the cupcakes with pink colored cream cheese frosting.