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German Chocolate Cupcakes 

These cupcakes were requested for a birthday gift. I was hesitant to make them because I make all my cupcakes from scratch but the coconut pecan frosting I used on these is store bought.  It’s too much work to make the frosting and the store bought tastes great. The cupcakes and chocolate frosting is made from scratch.

Christmas Cupcakes-2016

Each year I try to modify the designs for my cupcakes.  Sometimes I find that using  only sprinkles and candy toppers can make cupcake decorating very festive.


Red Velvet


Key Lime


Sweet Potato



Basket weave with frosting

In preparation for designing a cupcake cake for Easter; I decided to learn how to make a basket with frosting. These are my 1st try. I see a few corrections that I will make after they are frozen and hardened. Stay tuned for the Easter theme cake I am making for Easter.