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Rainbow Cake Pop TreatsĀ 

Everyone immediately wanted one as soon as I put these on the table. It was a good thing I only put a few of them out for the lunch gathering for my family reunion. Otherwise, there would have been none left for the big dinner gathering. I am just glad everyone enjoyed them.


Pink Cake Pops

This is for chocolate lovers. You will enjoy moist chocolate cake when you bite into these pretty pink decorated cake Pops. 

Yellow Flower Cupcake Basket

This basket has red velvet and chocolate cupcakes. The toppers on the chocolate cupcakes were made using the Russian piping tips I purchased from Amazon after seeing them on Pinterest and  YouTube. The hardest part is getting the frosting to the right consistency. Once that is achieved, the piping isn’t hard at all. I am still working to mastering the different types of flowers.

Pink&Purple Bouquet

Pretty in pink!! This bouquet was made for a birthday gift. I added cupcake toppers to give an extra punch of color. It seems to take me more time to decorate the vase than to create the bouquet. I prefer taller vases than this one because the taller vases are easier to transport and I think they look better.



Cake Ball Pop Bouquet

I had not planned to make cake pops part of my baking menu. However, I received a request from a colleague to make a cake ball center piece for a baby shower. I made this with the colors she requested which were aqua, chocolate, yellow and orange. I found a basketball vase which my husband received with a edible arrangement bouquet I had given him for Father’s Day. These cake ball pops are more labor intensive than cake balls. I am very pleased with how the arrangement came together and will make cake pops again if asked.