Unicorn Cupcakes

At 1st request for these for a baby shower, I was inclined to not do them because I did not think they would look like unicorn horns. I went searching for ideas and finally just made them as I had seen them done by others. I used fondant to make the horns.


Banana Cupcakes with pecans

I had a lot of ripe bananas so I froze them until I found time to use them in a recipe. I found the recipe on Pinterest and it was a great choice. These cupcakes are moist and full of flavor. I frosted them with banana cream cheese frosting and garnished them with cinnamon sugar and a mini vanilla wafer.

Christmas Day Cupcakes 2017

The cupcake flavors this year were Carrot topped with candy trees, chocolate topped with holiday sprinkles, key lime topped with lime candy pieces, and strawberry topped with a candy strawberry.