Moana Birthday Cupcake Cake

This Moana cake was made for a birthday party. It’s made with 36 cupcakes, 12 each of red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla. The frosting is butter cream and the flowers and leaves are all hand made with butter cream frosting. The lettering is made of strawberry flavored candy melts.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Blueberry Frosting 

Using blueberries is a natural way to get a beautiful color frosting. The blueberries also give a very flavorful and fruity taste to the frosting. To make the frosting- I placed about 1/2 cup of  blueberries in a small saucepan on medium heat. I added 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1/2 tablespoon of cornstarch and let it simmer until it thickened. I let it cool while I mixed together 1 cup of softened butter, 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 2 cups of powdered sugar and beat until fluffy. I then put the cooled blueberries in a food processor to make a sauce. I added the sauce to the butter mixture and beat until blended. I had previously made the mini flowers and leaves and kept them frozen for use when needed.

Golden State Warrior Cupcakes 

These cupcakes were made to celebrate the birthday of a big fan of the warriors. They are vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with butter cream and chocolate frosting.  I made the toppers using Avery labels and tooth picks.

Princess Birthday Cupcake Cake

This princess cupcake cake is made with strawberry and vanilla cupcakes and strawberry frosting. I modified the belt a bit from the previous cake I made like this.

Pull apart cake

Pink Princess Birthday Cupcake Cake

Princess Cupcake Dress

This is a beautiful cake to make any girl smile. A co-worker asked me to do this. He shared a picture of a similar cake that had a chain of Mardi Gras beads as the belt. I decided to make this one with an edible belt made with frosting. I made the flowers by melting vanilla wafers and putting it in a mold I have. The cupcakes are red velvet and vanilla. The frosting is butter cream.  


Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes

I can’t remember how many different recipes I have tried and modified to get the texture the way I wanted it for vanilla cupcakes. They always taste good but the presentation is just as important to me. Sometimes they are more muffin like and sometimes they are too soft and don’t hold up well with frosting.  So in my continued research I finally found the perfect one. This is a variation of the recipe I found on  Natasha’s Kitchen site.

Perfect vanilla cupcakes

Groom’s Wedding Cake

This was my 1st time doing a cupcake grooms cake. I was hesitant to do it but it came out nicely. It consists of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. I used a plastic mold to melt candy wafers to make the toppers. The cake is all chocolate.

image image image image image

Birthday cupcake stand

I have not been posting as I should. I baked cupcakes for Halloween but forgot to take a picture before making the delivery. Today I prepared these cupcakes for a gathering and forgot to take my camera to take a picture. My husband saved the day for me this time.

There are 4 different flavors; vanilla, sweet potato, keylime and red velvet.  I am still trying to perfect the sweet potatoe cupcake. It’s still a bit too dense for me. I am making another batch tomorrow with a few changes.


American Flag Cupcake Cake

This was quite a bit of work! However, I am pleased with the results (of my labor) and the final product. I ran into a slight problem when I realized this 48 cupcake cake was too large for my freezer. I had intended on making white stars within the spaces but could not because the red frosting was soft and kept blending into the white. I decided it looked fine without. If I make a smaller cake that will fit in the freezer so the red can set, I will make white stars.


Blue Velvet Cupcake Bouquet

Blue Velvet BouquetTiffany Blue Bouquet

This bouquet was made to be placed on top of a cupcake stand. Unfortunately, I was not able to see the display and get a final picture. This bouquet consists of vanilla and blue velvet cupcakes. The blue velvet cupcakes are topped with cream cheese frosting and the vanilla is topped with tiffany blue butter cream frosting.

Carnival Themed Baby Shower Cupcakes

These are some fun cupcake designs I made for a carnival themed baby shower.

The baby foot and rattle is made of vanilla candy melts which I made with a plastic mold.


Birthday Cupcake Cake

I make cupcakes from scratch but I am often asked if I make cakes. This is a great idea for cakes. The cupcakes are vanilla almond flavored cupcakes. I used a can of food color spray to get the brushed look of yellow then topped this with purple sprinkles. The flowers were purchased and I used green icing to draw the stems.


Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is the most popular theme for a kid’s birthday party. This is the second time I have made cupcakes with this theme and I really enjoy making them. These are red velvet with cream cheese frosting and chocolate and vanilla with pink butter cream frosting.