Princess Cupcake Cake

This has become a popular request for little girl’s birthday parties. This one is made with red velvet cupcakes and pink butter cream cheese frosting.

Moana Birthday Cupcake Cake

This Moana cake was made for a birthday party. It’s made with 36 cupcakes, 12 each of red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla. The frosting is butter cream and the flowers and leaves are all hand made with butter cream frosting. The lettering is made of strawberry flavored candy melts.

Cupcake Tower

Red velvet, Key lime, Apple caramel, German Chocolate, and Sweet Potato


Yellow Flower Cupcake Basket

This basket has red velvet and chocolate cupcakes. The toppers on the chocolate cupcakes were made using the Russian piping tips I purchased from Amazon after seeing them on Pinterest and  YouTube. The hardest part is getting the frosting to the right consistency. Once that is achieved, the piping isn’t hard at all. I am still working to mastering the different types of flowers.

Nutty Red Velvet Cupcakes

If you like nuts and Red velvet cake then you will enjoy the taste of these moist red velvet cupcakes. The added red sprinkles give a nice balance of sweetness to the cream cheese frosting and salt from the pecans.

Christmas Cupcakes-2016

Each year I try to modify the designs for my cupcakes.  Sometimes I find that using  only sprinkles and candy toppers can make cupcake decorating very festive.


Red Velvet


Key Lime


Sweet Potato



Baby’s 1st Birthday cake

A smash cake is the highlight of any toddler’s birthday party and I was happy to make this one. It is made with red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting. Since it is  for a toddler, I reduced the amount of cream cheese in the frosting. The Baby Mickey edible image was ordered a couple days in advance. I trimmed the image, applied it to the cake and then piped a blue border on to the cake.


Sheet Cakes

  • I really enjoy baking cupcakes and have stayed away from sheet cakes. Mostly because of decorating cakes. I am frequently asked if I make sheet cakes. So I decided to do a few as favors. I am no expert at it yet but I am doing okay decorating sheet cakes thanks to piping tools, edible color spray, letter molds and edible imagines.  Here are a few red velvet cakes I recently made.


Valentine’s Day Gifts

Cake pops and cupcakes make nice gifts. Check out some I made tonight.


2nd Birthday Cake

A year ago I was asked to make Brenton’s 1st Birthday cake. Although I prefer baking cupcakes, I made a 4 inch cake for baby Brenton. A couple days ago I was asked to make his 2nd year birthday cake. Yeah, I still prefer making cupcakes but I made the cake anyway. Both cakes are red velvet.

Today I baked this one. 

1 years ago I baked this one.

Cupcake Shoe Cake

A friend of mine sent a picture of a cupcake shoe to me over a year ago and I had told her I would make it one day. Well today I made one.  The cake is marble with pink and purple buttercream frosting. The shoe is made with a red velvet cupcake. I used a graham cracker and smoothed white chocolate on it for the sole of the shoe. The heel is made with a sugar cone dipped in white chocolate.


Layer Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting

I am always looking for different recipes and ideas for red velvet cake. I saw a similar cake on a Pin in Pinterest and thought I would give it a try with my recipe. Well since this was an experiment, I decided to substitute the Hershey’s cocoa with Dutch chocolate. It taste okay but I can tell the difference. I will stick to my Hershey’s next time.  I bake a 9×13 cake then cut the cake into 3 equal pieces. That was a guess that was a little off so I trimmed them down a bit. My cake rose nicely but this obviously wasn’t a good thing because when I stacked the cakes they were very high and leaned a bit.  I came so close to tossing it out but decided to complete the cake. It’s not my best work but here it is.

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Thanksgiving treats

I am finally done!

Red Velvet cake

Chocolate Cake

Key Lime Cupcakes

Peach Cobbler Cupcakes

Carrot Cupcakes

Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes

Key lime and Spice Cake Balls

Birthday cupcake stand

I have not been posting as I should. I baked cupcakes for Halloween but forgot to take a picture before making the delivery. Today I prepared these cupcakes for a gathering and forgot to take my camera to take a picture. My husband saved the day for me this time.

There are 4 different flavors; vanilla, sweet potato, keylime and red velvet.  I am still trying to perfect the sweet potatoe cupcake. It’s still a bit too dense for me. I am making another batch tomorrow with a few changes.


American Flag Cupcake Cake

This was quite a bit of work! However, I am pleased with the results (of my labor) and the final product. I ran into a slight problem when I realized this 48 cupcake cake was too large for my freezer. I had intended on making white stars within the spaces but could not because the red frosting was soft and kept blending into the white. I decided it looked fine without. If I make a smaller cake that will fit in the freezer so the red can set, I will make white stars.