Shortbread Strawberry Cookies

I am still baking with strawberries. This cookie recipe was fairly easy. I used a cookie cutter after the were baked to make them into neat circles. I then added cookie icing to add a bit of cuteness to them.


Wedding Favors

Although today is my birthday, I spent the morning working on these cake balls. I had committed to do the wedding favors before I found out the date.
The colors for the wedding are fuchsia and navy blue. I made 150 of these cake balls.




Desserts for Thanksgiving Dinner

Although I prefer to make cupcakes, I must say I was very pleased with how these cakes turned out. A couple of friends asked me to bake these for their holiday dinners. I also baked cupcakes this week and was too busy or too tired to update my blog. Thanks to modern technology, I am blogging using a hot spot from my husbands phone while riding in our car to Virginia.

Strawberry Cake

Carrot Cake -This carrot cake was so nice, moist and even colored that I didn’t want to frost it.


Chocolate Cake

I also baked cupcakes and made cake balls for friends and for my family. I am taking 5 dozen cupcakes and 32 cake balls with me to Virginia. This may seem like a lot but I have a husband that likes sweets, two college boys, 2 brothers(both married with children), and 5 sisters. My sister-in-laws both have large families and all will be at dinner or stopping by.