German Chocolate Cupcakes 

These cupcakes were requested for a birthday gift. I was hesitant to make them because I make all my cupcakes from scratch but the coconut pecan frosting I used on these is store bought.  It’s too much work to make the frosting and the store bought tastes great. The cupcakes and chocolate frosting is made from scratch.

Oreo Cake 2016

Finally, I got around to making this Oreo cake! I had made the cake layers in advance and frozen them. The layers are made with my Hershey’s cake recipe. The filling is made with an Oreo frosting. I had tried to use marshmallow fluff but apparently this should have been folded into the frosting because when I beat it in my mixer, it turned into a sticky gooey substance. I had to toss it out and star over.

Oreo Cake

  • This is an Oreo cake I baked 6 years ago! I used a box mix for the cake and store bought frosting. The center has an Oreo cookie filling which was made with vanilla store bought frosting and Oreo cookie crumbs. Now I bake all my cakes from scratch. I am baking another Oreo cake next week  totally from scratch and hopefully it will look  better with my improved piping and cake decorating skills.
Chocolate Oreo cake
Oreo Cake
Oreo cake

Oreo Slice

Groom’s Wedding Cake

This was my 1st time doing a cupcake grooms cake. I was hesitant to do it but it came out nicely. It consists of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. I used a plastic mold to melt candy wafers to make the toppers. The cake is all chocolate.

image image image image image

Thanksgiving treats

I am finally done!

Red Velvet cake

Chocolate Cake

Key Lime Cupcakes

Peach Cobbler Cupcakes

Carrot Cupcakes

Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes

Key lime and Spice Cake Balls

Desserts for Thanksgiving Dinner

Although I prefer to make cupcakes, I must say I was very pleased with how these cakes turned out. A couple of friends asked me to bake these for their holiday dinners. I also baked cupcakes this week and was too busy or too tired to update my blog. Thanks to modern technology, I am blogging using a hot spot from my husbands phone while riding in our car to Virginia.

Strawberry Cake

Carrot Cake -This carrot cake was so nice, moist and even colored that I didn’t want to frost it.


Chocolate Cake

I also baked cupcakes and made cake balls for friends and for my family. I am taking 5 dozen cupcakes and 32 cake balls with me to Virginia. This may seem like a lot but I have a husband that likes sweets, two college boys, 2 brothers(both married with children), and 5 sisters. My sister-in-laws both have large families and all will be at dinner or stopping by.