Strawberry Cake Balls

Although cake pops and cake balls are cute and delicious they may not seem to be much fun to make to some people. I enjoy making them but I must admit they a lot of work to make. I have included a couple pictures of the steps.



Rainbow Cake Pop Treats 

Everyone immediately wanted one as soon as I put these on the table. It was a good thing I only put a few of them out for the lunch gathering for my family reunion. Otherwise, there would have been none left for the big dinner gathering. I am just glad everyone enjoyed them.

Winter in Wonderland Cake Pops

There are so many themes to choose from for a baby shower. This was my 1st request for a Winter in Wonderland theme. These are red velvet cake pops dipped in vanilla candy coating and decorated with white and silver sprinkles. I topped each with a white or silver snowflake. The request was only for white and silver but I would have preferred including some blue.

Minnie Mouse Cake Pops

These cute treats are made with red velvet cake. I had watched a video on YouTube that used Mini Oreos for the ears but my cake was too moist so the balls kept falling apart. I decided to try the candy wafers and these worked well.