Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes 

Most people that like vanilla cupcakes don’t care if it’s the basic vanilla, French vanilla or vanilla bean. At one time I like most did not know the difference or that there was a difference. All I knew was that Breyer’s vanilla ice cream had little beans in it and had a better flavor. Since I personally thought vanilla was boring I initially would add a bit of almond extract to give the cupcakes more flavor. I later tried French vanilla extract in my vanilla cupcakes but not all grocery stores have it. Last year I decided to try vanilla bean. I was very surprised to find the few bean stalks in a jar and then had to scrape them from the stalks. This was too much work so I tried vanilla bean paste. I like the paste but I quickly realized I did not need to use much because it is very strong.

These are vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting.


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