Layer Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting

I am always looking for different recipes and ideas for red velvet cake. I saw a similar cake on a Pin in Pinterest and thought I would give it a try with my recipe. Well since this was an experiment, I decided to substitute the Hershey’s cocoa with Dutch chocolate. It taste okay but I can tell the difference. I will stick to my Hershey’s next time.  I bake a 9×13 cake then cut the cake into 3 equal pieces. That was a guess that was a little off so I trimmed them down a bit. My cake rose nicely but this obviously wasn’t a good thing because when I stacked the cakes they were very high and leaned a bit.  I came so close to tossing it out but decided to complete the cake. It’s not my best work but here it is.

0187b40a3838c98df6bce3d6fd3787b20502e107ba 01557460495849e11eed40ab8352b56e81fd956708


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